Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I have watched with fascination as the world stood still two days ago when the election results were read and Obama emerged the successful winner and president-elect of America

I was never a supporter of Obama when he was running with Hilary Clinton not because I don’t like him, but because I was scared and afraid if he clinched the party primaries because of his color he might not have been able to win the Presidential Race against McCain.

I felt Hilary stood a better chance winning MaCain than Obama, but last Wednesday result proved me wrong. I started to support him and even registered on his website and got mails from him, his wife and team of dedicated workers.

I prayed day and night for him to win because I tell you I, oh sorry!!! Rather we all are sick and tired of Bush and his party, the war in Iraq and everywhere else and lack of emotion displayed by a man and his supporters.

One of the worst things that could have happened to America and the world in general was that if McCain had won the election, he would have continued the legacy his predecessor lives behind which we all know is nothing to write home about.

$10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion Dollars) on a war that has killed too many, disposed so many of husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and children, yet he won’t stop, he has no intention of stopping. I wonder why and how a sole individual, can be so mean an heartless and so inconsiderate to the plight of others, even those of his own fellow country men, who have died in hundreds of thousands for a war that cannot be justified.

Bush has so much blood on his hands that even if he does not stand trial after he lives office by the American courts because of his immunity Shitze, he will definitely stand trial in the souls of millions of people, his sole decision has caused pain and sadness to so many .

For Many has died, some handicapped and many more has lost a lot because of the injustice of ONE MAN (BUSH). It is now time for ANOTHER MAN (OBAMA) to ease the pain of a lot and stop the madness and illusions of BUSH and stop the WAR let PEACE rain all over the world, hopefully the stocks will get better, employment will be made available to lots and amongst others free health and education to the less privileged and life generally might be a lot better for all.

Victoria Temitope Osho

Monday, 25 August 2008


Hmmm!!! Where do I begin today, I have been away from my blog for ages, and those close to me, all know I just made a major move in my life. Enough of me because as you know this blog as never been about me, but rather about others who are in much need than we all, who do not have the privileges we have, and are not fortunate to have now, or never will.

Poverty some will say is a disease, but in my own language, poverty is the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions.
It still amazes me, each time I go out and see people in poverty all around me, in my great country Nigeria it is very common to see poverty in the midst of richness. From the police, to the guys cleaning the streets, to the security guard who opens your door, when u park in a shop. Etc, the list is so endless.

If only there was a way to eradicate poverty in the world?????

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Not all of us can think of the evil that lies beneath our feet. Imagine being imprisoned
For 24years in a Dungeon beneath your house with your mother upstairs living a life of misery that she has lost her daughter and your father knowing fully well you live In the dungeon beneath the floors of the house.
Such is the story of Elizabeth Fritzl who lived in the Dungeon in Austria with three of her children aged 18, 19 and five, none of whom had ever seen sunlight or been to school.
This horror only ended when her 19yrs old daughter Kerstin was admitted to hospital after falling seriously ill that her Evil Dad or oh sorry!!! Granddad had no option but to take her to hospital and the letter about the horror she lived with was found in her pocket by the medical staff and the police were then called.
Upon investigation the Elizabeth and her two other kids were found in the Dungeon. Her father was promptly arrested and is currently in jail.
Elizabeth disappeared in 1984. Her father Josef Fritzl reportedly claimed she had gone into hiding and the foolish police of cause concluded she had joined a religious sect and decided not to look for her. Thus began her journey of pain and horror in the hands of her father for 24yrs.
She gave birth to seven children but one died on the third day and was supposedly burned by Mr Fritzl. Three of the children lived with their grand parents and went to school but the births of others were never registered. He managed to keep his daughter’s imprisonment from his wife.
Thank God for the letter Elizabeth wrote and left in her daughter’s pocket before she was taken to the hospital no one would have known this evil happened until maybe after Mr Fritzl death.
I personally feel this man needs to die for the horror he leashed on his daughter, he started raping her at age 11yrs then imprisoned her and forced his daughter to have 7kids for him??? Can you imagine that shit?
Now tell me what is he to the kids? A dad? A Granddad? Or EVIL.
Now I understand when Lanre mentioned previously in my blog titled Jungle Justice this man sure deserves to DIE slowly.
Here I reckon jungle justice is the best option for him, Or what do u feel Guys…
For pictures on this horror story, the dungeon a father forced his child to live for 24yrs and where he had sex and raped her countless times thus resulting to her having seven children of INCEST for him visit below link..

Kind Regards
Victoria Temitope Osho

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Witch

Yesterday I talked about jungle justice. I will tell you all a short story about the witch that was stoned to death.
One evening after school (I was in Primary School) I was heading home in the school bus and I happened to be the only one in the school bus with the driver. When all of a sudden they was a huge crowd by the canal very close to my house. The bus driver stopped and asked me to wait in the bus so he could see what was happening.
When he came off the bus, trust me a very young inquisitive girl jumped off the bus too and went to take a look.
They in the canal was a short woman naked from waist down being stoned to death. She was pleading but no one listened as everyone had a stick, stones, and all sort of killer weapons aiming for her. The man next to me took a aim with a big stone and hit her straight in the head and they was a loud pop and blood was flowing all over her face and that was the last I saw before the school bus driver came to drag me back into the bus and dropped me off at home.
I wonder who made the conclusion that she was a witch, who pushed her in the canal, and who heard her confess to being a witch.
Bear in mind, she might have been mentally sick, or forced to say something she was not supposed to say or maybe she had dementia. Who knows???
But people were stupid enough to prosecute her and find her guilty of a crime that might be a myth.
She was declared a witch, prosecuted by the Jungle Justice Jury and sentenced to death by stoning.
I tell you jungle justice sure sucks…..Or What Yah Feel???

Kind Regards
Victoria Temitope Osho

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Jungle Justice

Jungle Justice in my words is justice metted out to an accused without proper court hearings or legal council to represent the accused thus the accused is judged, found guilty and sentenced then and there. lol
In Nigeria we do dish out jungle justice alot and i don't think this is right has it is not in the constituition neither is it supposed to be allowed. But it sure is, even the supposed law enforcement officers still participate in the law of jungle justice.
It is not so shocking again that accused armed roobers caught are shot dead before going to trial.
Once i was a young girl and happened to be in the car with my folks and they was a huge crowd all around a man and infront of us he was beaten blue black and then had a tyre and petrol poured over him and he was burnt alive.
It was such a traumatic experience for me that the picture of this fatal incident still plays in my head and mind, that i could do nothing to prevent his death and no one person could stop or plead against it tells us the kind of sick people we have amongst us.
Mistakes are made, wrong assumptions can be made when jungle justice is metted out. Remember the days of OPC where all you need to do is report someone that he is a thief and the OPC guys come down to kill the person, that was a barbaric way of life and i am happy the group was banned.
Every individual accused of a crime be it a murderer,armed robber, fraudster whatever the crime is, needs to be well represented and tried in a court of Law.
Kind Regards
Victoria Osho

Monday, 21 April 2008


My understanding of evil and the devil as a child was limited only to biblical stories. I so much loved my book of bible stories with the pictures and stories from Genesis to Revelation. But my Book of Bible stories did not prepare me for the horror and evil in men. Evil can be seen and found in men. The devil in the biblical era was casted out by God to some bottomless pit or hell fire. But I tell you today Evil is amongst us and It sure hurts to realise these. For someone to kill another he must be of cause Evil. To inflict pain, sorrow and other Evil things on another human then you must be the devil itself. The face of man is a mask as we do not know what lies beneath it. Is it love, hate, anger, passion? We do not know for all we know is what is in ours. I can’t bear to see people cry and I am too passionate a person to see others hurt. But for those that do evil you shall be repaid back in folds. Let’s take a look around us and we can see and hear of so much evil going on around us, armed robbers killing innocent people, hired assassins snuffing life out of humans,Soldiers killing innocent people, serial killers, murderers, drug barons and many more It's nothing but the Devil itself at work. What I failed to realise as a young girl reading my beautiful yellow covered book of bible stories was that the devil as not been banished yet but rather lives in the heart, souls of humans like me. I used to think he was a monster with wings, horns, ugly face and very scary. Now I know the Devil can be in the form of a father abusing his daughter, a leader killing his people, rapists, murderers, psychopaths amongst others. May the hands of the devil never shake us and may he never pay us all a visit.
Kind Regards
Victoria Osho

Friday, 18 April 2008


I can’t believe in this modern age and time evil is still allowed to take place.
I was in the middle of watching the new Rambo film and I had to stop watching
As my eyes could not believe the horror I saw. Or rather should I say I find it unbelievable that this is real?
I wonder what the American Government is doing about these Hell On Earth. Bush tell me what the heck are you doing? Are you only after Iraq and its Oil? Iran and its Nuclear Weapons? As I can’t see why you have not deployed your soldiers to stop these brutal killing of man, women and kids?
This is so pathetic and my heart weeps for these people who have to watch their lives
taken away from them.
Burma in case you don’t know has the most landmines in the world. Kids are killed, fathers are shot and sons are kidnapped to be made soldiers.
People are killed every second in masses; tongues are cut off from humans and eyes
Are taken out of its sockets? Jeezzz!!!
I wonder when this madness all over the world will stop. I as a person I am sick and tired of the shit going on around the world and I don’t see why nothing absolute nothing is done to curb the military Junta’s madness in Burma.
I thanks God for My own life but I cant help to wonder why these people are left to suffer this amount of pain.
The Burmese Army has burnt an undetermined number of bodies at a crematorium sealed off by armed guards northeast of Rangoon over the past seven days, ensuring that the exact death toll in the recent pro-democracy protests will never be known.
My heart, soul, body and heart bleeds for the people of Burma and I pray the Almighty God In His Infinite Mercies help stop this madness on Burma and all over the world and to make me an instrument of his peace.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I woke up today to the news that Hilary Clinton won three major states.
I am so impressed a woman can be so strong willed and very determined.
As for me I will like her to be the party’s presidential candidate rather than Obama.
Hilary is a strong willed and ambitious woman. She was there with her husband when he was president for 8yrs. In a way it will be Bill Clinton ruling.
Almost everyone I know accepts the fact that Bill was a much better president than Bush. In Bill’s time they was no war, no major terrorist attack .
I for one support Hillary all the way and will be very much pleased is she makes it.
She will be the 1st American female president.
America in my own point of view is not ready for a black president. I mean I have nothing against Obama, he is black and I am black too, but the fact remains if he is the
Party’s presidential candidate they will loose to John McCain and of cause he will take over from where Bush stopped and send more men to war.
It’s only an assumption of mine I just feel Hilary deserves to be in the white house more than any other candidate

Victoria Osho

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


The Man of God went had a huge thanksgiving in church. He was there with his wife and 4 grown up kids.
The reason for the thanksgiving is to thank God for all he has done in his life and that of his family. They were so
Many testimonies from people and the whole church of God was filled with the Holy Spirit.
You could feel the touch of God in the congregation. God said Amen to all the prayers and everyone went home happy and fulfilled.
The next day a Monday the Man of God's 1st son had a car accident and fortunately did not die, however he broke is spinal Cord and can't walk again for the rest of his life.
Everyone was shocked, prayed, fasted, cried, screamed and begged God to heal him, but it seems God was not listening. Even his presence that was felt the previous Sunday seemed to be a figment of imagination.
In Church during a prayer session a pastor stood up and shouted to the heavens ‘WHY God?
The man of God looked up from his prayer position, stood up and walked to the pulpit and said to the whole congregation ‘No one, not even me can question God. No one not even me
Should ask God WHY. Because God himself his WHY and he chooses to do things his own way and WHY can’t be asked WHY.
It is amazing what men with faith do in times of hardship and sorrow. They must still remain calm and accept the responsibility bestowed on them by God. So henceforth in any difficult
Situation we find ourselves be it death, grief, unhappiness and pain we need not ask WHY because God himself his WHY

Victoria Osho

Monday, 3 March 2008


It never seizes to amaze me how evil people can be. Evil can’t be graded, they is no small evil or big evil. Evil is Evil.
I have been watching the news closely and following the Jersey school Horror where a child’s skull was found.
One of UK’s most read papers THE SUN has called it HELL BELOW THE FLOORBOARDS.
For those of you who have no idea of what I am talking about it’s about a care home for children in Jersey. Jersey as I am
Aware is in the channel Island and is under the British territory.
Children were raped, tortured, imprisoned, abused and killed. How can people that are employed to look after kids have so much
Evil in them to hurt kids in they care?
Children are God’s Gift to us and we must treat them well. It is unbelievable the amount of Evil some people have in them. A secret sex torture
Chamber dominated by huge stone walls have been found, A pair of Iron shackles were also found,
A chilling childlike scrawl on a wooden support wall with words like ‘’Iv been bad 4 years and years’’ is so unbelievable and I want to wake up and
Say oh it’s a very bad dream, but I can’t as the horror is real and some of the kids that survived it are still living and willing to give testimonies.
Oh my heart bleeds for them, my soul weeps with them and my sympathy to those little children that died there. This is EVIL BEYOND PARDON. And all those responsible must be brought to book and punished accordingly. :(
Below is a link where u can read the stories and see some couple of pictures.


Kind Regards
Victoria Osho

Friday, 29 February 2008


Some few years back, a young couple and their 6months old baby returned back from America to live in Nigeria.
The husband was a medical doctor whilst the wife was a trained accountant. They decided to employ a houseboy called Friday.
Friday was given everything he wanted and spoilt silly by the very nice and generous husband and wife.
The Mrs hardly ever left home except when she needs to pop to the shops with the driver to buy some few household items. Friday was always left with the baby
Thus the baby grew to know his face with that of her parents; it got to the stage whereby the baby preferred Friday’s Company to that of her parents.
All these were assumed to be because she was always with Friday most of the time.
One day the baby fell ill and was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with an unknown infection she was 11months old then. So severe was this infection
But she was eventually cured.
One morning the wife needed to pop to the shop, on her way she realised she forgot her purse at home because she was in a hurry to meet her friend in the shopping mall. She decided that rather than driving inside her compound she asked the driver to stop outside while she runs into the house to quickly get her purse. The gateman opened the gate for madam.
She got upstairs took her purse shut the door and was about going downstairs when I guess her motherly instincts told her to stop and look at her child, she almost didn’t because she just did some couple of Minutes before. She looked into her daughter’s room and ALAS!!! She saw the house boy with his back turned against her and her daughter in front of him sucking on his manhood. YUCK!!!!!
Instincts was to rush up and grab her baby off him but she decided to step out of the house, rushed downstairs, got into the car and asked her driver to blast the car horn and drive into the compound.
She walked in got upstairs and the houseboy did open the door for her because he heard the car horn. She rushed to her chid and held her but the baby wanted not her but Friday.
She did not let Friday near her child. She told her husband what happened. Both couple decided Friday was much needed as a help in their house but that the baby should never be left alone with him. The Husband now realised where the baby’s previous infection came from. They both pretended nothing happened and never asked him about the incident or told anyone.
A week later Friday was rushed to the husband’s hospital where he was treated upon but eventually died. He was buried and some few months later the couple decided to move back to America.
Hmmmm!!! Now tell me who killed Friday the houseboy?
(1) Was it the couple?
(2) Were they justified to kill him?
(3) Would you have done the same?

See you guys again on Monday. Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Victoria Osho

Thursday, 28 February 2008


Paedophilia is a paraphilia that involves an abnormal interest in children. It is said that Paedophilia is caused by paraphilia which is a disorder that is characterized by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies generally involving: nonhuman objects; animals, or children, or other nonconsenting persons; the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner
I must say paedophiles are one of the sickest group of people in the world. They look at kids and they passion and desire to have sexual intercourse with them is so high they will go any length to be with kids.
A recent case was about a nanny who had a little baby sexually abused by her boyfriend and she recorded it on her phone. They were both jailed but unbelievable the jail term was less than 10yrs for both of them. This happened in the United Kingdom, however in America paedophiles are given a longer jail term because of the stricter rule of law.
In my own court they all deserve to die and not rot in jail. The abused kids are messed up, some of them die, some of them are never the same again. A young boy of 4yrs was sodomized by a man of 45yrs. (Sodomy is when penetration take place anally. Just like gays have sex)
Can you imagine such a man needs to be dead, not just jailed and fed with the tax payers money whilst in prison. Imagine an adult man sexually abusing a 6month old girl what does he deserve but ROT IN HELL.
I hate paedophiles and what they stand for, the pain they cause families and individuals and how innocent people's lives are destroyed by this sick set of Bastards. A friend once said if his child is ever abused he will kill the paedophile and then face the hang man’s noose, rather than live life with the fact that his child has been defiled by a bloody fucked up lunatic.
Also some of this sick fools peddle child pornography on the internet where kids as young as 4months old are sexually abused by their sicko parents, relatives, friends of family etc. Some of these kids are sold into child slavery for sex reasons; some are kidnapped from their families. These sickos go all the way to satisfy they sick urge to see videos, pictures and actually participate in these shit on the internet.
Below are some links on some very disturbing paedophile stories. You need to read and have a mental image or idea of what the victim’s and their families go through. And most of these men/ women (peadohiles) are amazingly parents, government workers, teachers, policemen and everyday people we think live a normal life but in reality live a perverted life.
I will not be glamorising my blog with pictures of them Bastards but u can see them on the below links. Read the links below to see how Megan Kanka became Megan’s Law in the US and how Sarah Payne became Sarah's Law in the UK.


Victoria T. Osho

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Woman And Her Baby

Some few years back on my way on holiday I checked in at the airport only to realise I had forgotten something at my friend’s apartment in Marwa Gardens
After checking in I decided to ask the driver to take me there and pick up my forgotten item.
On the way just after descending the local airport bridge we made a left after just beside the General Hospital and headed towards Ikeja Bustop then they was traffic and
I saw an image that will never leave my memory and might haunt me to my grave.
They sat this woman with a few days old baby (baby was too small to have been up to 2weeks old) This is not an uncommon sight in Nigeria but what I saw afterwards as so made me look at life in a very different way.
The woman had one of her breast out of her cloth and it was soaking with blood and had (I can’t say now) But it was the most disturbing picture I have ever seen in my life.
I wept inside me and just as I was about to tell the driver to stop the traffic subsided and the car edged forward.
I was determined to stop on my way back not to give her money but to take her to the hospital and pay for them to look after her and the baby she was holding. On our way back because of the heavy traffic the driver took a different way and I missed the opportunity to ever render help to her.
When I got to my holiday destination I called my mum who I know is a philanthropist and very compassionate just like myself to go and look for the woman and take her to the hospital.
My mum got there but she was no where to be found. She must have moved base.
The most annoying thing about the whole episode is the fact that she was sitting not more than 2mins walk to the general hospital, in a strategic location in a wealthy area
And not one person stopped in their big cars, or came down from their big mansions in GRA Ikeja Or even a Doctor, nurse, medical Director who has no option but to pass through this woman in very obvious pain, discomfort and very glaring need of medical attention.
I pray daily to God to make me an instrument of his piece to I can touch people’s life one way or the other. I can’t stop to think of this woman and her child every now and again. Questions like what happened to her, was she rescued, is she still alive, is her baby living or dead? All this questions and so many more have been left unanswered
And will be till the end of time.

Monday, 25 February 2008


Hi all,
This is a long one today and like I promised I was going to publish Dele Momodu's Memo in Thisday newspaper and the response he got from a fellow Nigerian. I have decided to change the name of my friend who replied Mr Momodu for personal reasons best known to me. This is very much interesting. Hang On and enjoy the ride.

To Hell with ProtocolPendulum By Dele Momodu,
02.01.2008I love Nigerians. Our ways are just too unique. We have the greatest praise singers on earth. Not since the time of the griots of the ancient Mali Empire have we seen the likes of sycophants we find in our dear country. How can one ever forget the abobaku of the old Oyo Empire who was fed at the expense of the state to accompany the king on his journey to heaven, and had to be buried alive with the king. The last abobaku in recent history actually chickened out of his responsibility and became the subject of many plays including Wole Soyinkas masterpiece, Death and the Kings Horseman.The modern day abobaku are the protocol officers we find around our men and women of power today. They are unbelievably efficient, and I saw them in action last week Saturday, at the funeral rites for Pa Lawrence Ebele Jonathan, the father of Nigeria s Vice President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, in Otuoke village, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. The lucky father had chosen the best time and the right place to die. Or what better time to die than when one of your many children had miraculously become the Vice President of Africas biggest nation? And what better place to die than inside the presidential villa in Abuja ? From the minute Pa Ebele died, he had become a celebrity corpse, though we never heard of him before then. His funeral was guaranteed to attract the high and mighty and the movers and shakers of our society, who would never have dreamt of ever driving to that dusty village, nor risked being held hostage in that volatile region. As a publisher of celebrity events, I was determined to witness this rare event first hand, and flew in from Accra where our footballers were already fumbling, and failed to encourage us to stay back to watch what should have been a dazzling game. So off to Port Harcourt I went, and promptly checked into my hotel. In the evening, I made contact with the Governor of Rivers State and he was graceful to have invited me over to his house that late evening. It was our first meeting since God catapulted him to that special position, and was very delighted to see that power has not changed our simple friend.In the course of our chat, Governor Rotimi Amaechi had asked how I was planning to get to the Vice Presidents village in the morning and I told him Ill be going by road, and he told me he could get me on one of the helicopters already lined up for some of the celebrity guests. I was very delighted and left for my hotel. The journey was very scary because of the fear of hostage takers but there were so many soldiers on the road to safeguard lives and properties.I woke up early and drove with my Port Harcourt Bureau Chief, David Iyofor, to the government lodge, where I discovered there were several governors and government functionaries, including Professor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State , and Bayo Alao Akala of Oyo State on ground. They were joined by Princess Adenrele Adeniran Ogunsanya who represented Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State , and was warmly received by Rotimi Amaechi. We had our breakfast with the Governor and left for the Air Force Base. I was impressed to see that Rotimi Amaechi did not terrorize his city with too much security and protocol. He simply entered his jeep and drove off with a few security aides and other VIPs, and his reasonable convoy readily meandered through the traffic without kicking the citizens around.At the Air Force Base, Wale Babalakin, the lawyer and businessman, soon landed with his propeller jet. Not long after, Nigeria s senate president, David Mark also landed on a presidential jet. He was accompanied by his best friend, Brigadier-General Tunde Ogbeha, as well as former Governor Saminu Turaki, now a senator, Dr Andy Uba, and Dr Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello and a few others. The senate president left immediately on the helicopter with Ogbeha and Uba but there was no space for Iyabo who was later rescued by Amaechi and put on our own helicopter. The Governor showed himself as a perfect host and gentleman despite the way he was victimized by the Obasanjo government.When we landed in the village, we all had to trek to the main venue of the ceremonies and we noticed the over-militarization of the whole village which reminded us instantly that we were standing in one of the most dangerous zones on earth. Believe me, there were soldiers and anti-riot police everywhere, fully armed to the teeth, as the cliché goes. Some were even dressed like Ninja, in the action-packed movies, with the full faces covered. Even Lagbaja would have bowed at the great effort that went into the masked soldiers. The guns and daggers were mercilessly intimidating. The security guys did not leave anything to chance. There were soldiers on many boats patrolling the waters, and I learnt the Navy played a crucial role, just as there was cover from the skyFor me the climax was when the security aides and protocol officers of the governors decided to test their boxing dexterity on one another by exchanging fearsome blows and tearing at each others throat, all in the name of trying to secure front row seats for their powerful bosses, and it was practically impossible to have every governor sit in front. The overzealous agents did not even respect the fact that the Cross River governor, Liyel Imoke was already seated as well as the First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs Abimbola Fashola, who could have been hit in the fisticuff. Also near-by was the Vice President whose presence alone ought to have driven the fear of God into these irritants.They almost marred the events and many of the guests had to leave the vicinity for the fear of accidental discharge. By and large, the event went well as more and more guests poured in from everywhere to pay homage to one of the current godfathers of Nigerian politics. As we drove out of the village and went back to Port Harcourt by road, it became very evident why the Niger Delta is not likely to witness any enduring peace in the near future. The Niger Delta is a wasteland, the habitat of the most bitter and inconsolable human beings who live amidst so much wealth but have nothing to show for it.The roads are ugly. The houses look as dry as stockfish. Most of the people appeared drained of quality life. I doubt if all the palliatives being offered by government can assuage the deep-rooted bitterness of the people of the region. It is very hard to imagine the terrible conditions they live in. It is virtually impossible not to be a militant under such outlandish existence. The issue certainly is not about how much money is pumped in that direction but the genuine will of their new leaders to work hard on improving the living conditions of their people. The prodigality of the past irresponsible leaders must be avoided. Driving from Bayelsa to Rivers State convinced any unbelieving Thomas that most of our leaders are Godless, insensitive, greedy, tasteless, shameless, extremely selfish, and acutely wicked.All the roads looked ancient, in a place where one expected to see super highways of ten lanes, modern bridges, fast trains, trendy housing estates for the ordinary people, modern boats linking the communities, beautiful schools for the kids and such goodies of life. All you see are signs of all manner of useless contracts hastily packaged and cruelly executed by soulless human vampires who have shamelessly raped the land of their birth. The roads are without drains. The whole place portrayed a typical John Conrads Heart of Darkness. This was hell on earth. Everywhere was dirty. The people must have given up and have chosen to live as squalid a life as possible. Or how does one explain the hopelessness of the situation.It is worse than I ever imagined. I still marvel at how a young man called Donald Duke got the idea for Tinapa, and how he mustered the courage to execute it. I dont care if he borrowed too much money for the project or whether he and his wife Onari helped themselves with some of the money. They have demonstrated that great things can happen here, that we can build our own Dubai , or Hong Kong, or Sun City, out of the many sprawling cities in Nigeria . Many of our brilliant youths are involved in building and developing the many futuristic cities and monuments around the world. A Nigerian designed the Stratford Station in London , which is rated one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in Europe . How come we cant replicate this feat in our dear country? Why is Lagos in total darkness, a city that should ordinarily be the New York of Africa? As your plane descends into Murtala Mohammed International Airport , you instantly see a city in total chaos. The airport itself is fast deteriorating. Two days ago, I was in transit from London to Accra and was ashamed at how many times the lights went off at the airport, and the conveyor belt failed to work. About two weeks ago our huge A3 printer disappeared without a trace till today at the same airport, and without anyone being able to tell us when and where it was last seen or handled. Our tarmacs still look extremely antiquated, and only God is watching over us.If I had any hope that Nigeria will witness a drastic improvement soon, it evaporated last week. I only pray our leaders will feel challenged by their place in history and do what is right. God bless Nigeria .Thank you

And The Reply He Got

THIS IS MY LITTLE RESPONSE TO MR> MOMODU. Publisher of the Ovation magazine
Na so e bi now. I beg my people; I have something to say to Dele Momodu, the author of this article. As a matter of fact, as I am writing this email, I don vex, I am going to tell Mr. Momodu what I think. Stay tuned folks.
Ok, I go vex later according to my friend Dele Akinseye.
On a more serious note guys, in as much as I applaud Mr. Dele Momodu for writing this article about his experience going to the V.P. later fathers funeral in wherever that place is that he mentioned, and really I give him all the accolade. But one point I like to make and I will appreciate everybody to think about this for a second.
The problem I have with Mr. Momodu is that this is the founder and publisher of the Ovation magazine published in London I believe. We all know now what Ovation platform is and the content of Mr. Momodu's magazine. I am not sure whether Mr. Dele Momodu understand how contradictory his story and opinion is on the ill and the desperate situation in the Niger delta. Mr. Momodu, if you don't understand, let me tell you the power you have to change mindset and the body politic in Nigeria.
You sir, have a magazine like Ovation that is distributed around the world, with I guess a lot of subscribers. I have never in the few times, I have seen it, I emphasize seen, because there is "NO CONTENT" for me to read other than look at pictures. I have never seen pictures of the desperate people of the Niger Delta living conditions as you describe them in your article. All your magazine shows are the glamour and how rich and wasteful Nigerians are. You sir have never or maybe I don't read your magazine enough, seen you dedicate one page to the plight of this our fellow Nigerians.
Your magazine is a total description of what is wrong with Nigeria today. These same asshole that are causing all this problems in the Niger Delta are the same idiots that you sir rode with on private helicopter. These are the same stupid motherfu..... who are causing all the miseries our people are suffering. You have the nerve to talk about Protocol officers and security. How they were pushing folks around. What nonsense. Please Mr. Momodu, please address via your magazine some more substantial issues facing the country. Like poverty, the neglect of the handicap people all over the street of Lagos, the young boys and girls that wait around parties to pick up the left-over from tables of the privileged. I mean common Dele, How can you not understand the power you have to make a change. Don't you get it men? I really don't know what to say to you as a concerned Nigeria. I don't know about our audience in this email chain, I would like to say once again, that I applaud you for at least recognizing the suffering that the Niger Delta folks are going through, but what are you going to do about it with the platform you have (OVATION) You can make tremendous different by giving the whole world a clear picture of what is going on down there. Go down there and take a few pictures and let the world see what the gluttonous Oil companies and the Nigerian government have done to these people. Give the issue a boost by dedicating maybe a page or two to the issue of the Niger delta. Go down there and take a picture of how all the pollution have kill the vegetation and the folks can’t farm any more. Take a picture of how most of the wild-life has disappeared. Give us a picture of how the pollution from the Oil companies have killed most of the water animals and the people of the Niger delta region can no longer depend on their primary livelihood fishing.
Oga Momodu, let me stop before I take my applause I gave you earlier back for recognizing and writing this article.
No vex ooo. I don't have any problem with capitalism and you trying to make a living by taking glamorous pictures of the rich and famous, Sir that is your prerogative, but lets keep it real. Put your money where your mouth is. Do something that the good people of Nigerian will forever remember you for.

I rest my case.
Mr XXY Washington DC,USA.

Friday, 22 February 2008


Their fishing community once stood on the other side of a small inlet, where fuel storage tanks the size of cathedral domes now loom, and where the superstructure of a liquefied natural gas plant juts higher than any tree in the forest. The people can’t support they families anymore, the roads are dirty and the houses dusty.No electricity the least that can be done, but this people get nothing.Engineers are employed from outside the country (expatriates).
A Nigerian man who has a degree in Petrochemical Engineering from Rivers State University was told he can’t work as an engineer but can work as a labourer on the oil fields.
Imagine what our people has been reduced to?
It’s very Simple militants kidnapping people and the whole madness spreading daily.We have hungry looking guerrillas ready to kill and kidnap anyone that they feel can make them be heard by the government or the Oil companies.
Tomorrow I will update you on the recent burial of the Vice president’s father. And what a reputable internationally known journalist wrote about the state of the Niger Delta. And of cause a reply to that memo by a friend of mine who felt a reply was needed for such.
It’s Explosive. Watch this space
Personally I will say Nigeria is a better place without OIL.
Victoria T Osho

Thursday, 21 February 2008


My heart bleeds when I look at the after effect of War it is always never a pleasant one.
War is created by men. Men are the architect of war.
War is violent armed combat between differing peoples (religion, political ideals, or territorial needs or demands, and race). When and how war originated is a highly controversial topic. Some believe war has always existed.
The factors leading to war are often complicated and are not completely understood. In War Before Civilization, Lawrence H. Keeley, a professor at the University of Illinois, calculates that approximately 90-95% of known societies engaged in at least occasional warfare, and many fought constantly. A war may begin following an official declaration of war but undeclared wars are common.
We not to stop war and make peace. Here are some gory and sick pictures of the effect of war.
Lets make love not war.

Victoria. T. Osho

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Life & Death

What is life? Life has got value when you are still alive. Because once you are dead you loose life.I have seen people die in front of me and it amazes me how one minute they are chatting, talking, planningAnd the next minute they are dead.I was in Nigeria recently and on my way out of a Lagos we realised a slow traffic was beginning to build up and when our carGot there
I realised they were 3 to 4 people carrying a dead man who was hit by a car all most immediately.
Probably some few seconds before we got there.His lifeless body was hanging with arms and limps lifeless he was being carried like a slaughtered goat to the other side of theRoad. They was no site of the car that hit him otherwise trust Nigerians they would have made a beehive of both the car and the driver that is if he is not lynched by the crowd.
I looked at his blood stained eyes and realised he is dead yes Very dead. He had no chance of survival and would never return to his family.And I hope he has a form of ID on him otherwise his family might not be notified and might even still keep looking for him.The other instance was my trip before the last to Lagos.
This also occurred on my way from Ibadan this truck with vegetables that must have been 5 mins ahead of us Crashed and all I could hear was a man crying beside a dead man saying Sule, Sule, Sule. Thus making me conclude the dead man’s name was Sule.
As long as I live I will never forget the look of terror in his face, neither will I ever forget the blood stained face of the man who was killed by the hit and run car.And definitely never the name called SuleGod help us. As long as we have life we have hope so let’s be happy and grateful to God.
CheersVictoria Temitope Osho