Tuesday, 4 March 2008


The Man of God went had a huge thanksgiving in church. He was there with his wife and 4 grown up kids.
The reason for the thanksgiving is to thank God for all he has done in his life and that of his family. They were so
Many testimonies from people and the whole church of God was filled with the Holy Spirit.
You could feel the touch of God in the congregation. God said Amen to all the prayers and everyone went home happy and fulfilled.
The next day a Monday the Man of God's 1st son had a car accident and fortunately did not die, however he broke is spinal Cord and can't walk again for the rest of his life.
Everyone was shocked, prayed, fasted, cried, screamed and begged God to heal him, but it seems God was not listening. Even his presence that was felt the previous Sunday seemed to be a figment of imagination.
In Church during a prayer session a pastor stood up and shouted to the heavens ‘WHY God?
The man of God looked up from his prayer position, stood up and walked to the pulpit and said to the whole congregation ‘No one, not even me can question God. No one not even me
Should ask God WHY. Because God himself his WHY and he chooses to do things his own way and WHY can’t be asked WHY.
It is amazing what men with faith do in times of hardship and sorrow. They must still remain calm and accept the responsibility bestowed on them by God. So henceforth in any difficult
Situation we find ourselves be it death, grief, unhappiness and pain we need not ask WHY because God himself his WHY

Victoria Osho

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