Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Not all of us can think of the evil that lies beneath our feet. Imagine being imprisoned
For 24years in a Dungeon beneath your house with your mother upstairs living a life of misery that she has lost her daughter and your father knowing fully well you live In the dungeon beneath the floors of the house.
Such is the story of Elizabeth Fritzl who lived in the Dungeon in Austria with three of her children aged 18, 19 and five, none of whom had ever seen sunlight or been to school.
This horror only ended when her 19yrs old daughter Kerstin was admitted to hospital after falling seriously ill that her Evil Dad or oh sorry!!! Granddad had no option but to take her to hospital and the letter about the horror she lived with was found in her pocket by the medical staff and the police were then called.
Upon investigation the Elizabeth and her two other kids were found in the Dungeon. Her father was promptly arrested and is currently in jail.
Elizabeth disappeared in 1984. Her father Josef Fritzl reportedly claimed she had gone into hiding and the foolish police of cause concluded she had joined a religious sect and decided not to look for her. Thus began her journey of pain and horror in the hands of her father for 24yrs.
She gave birth to seven children but one died on the third day and was supposedly burned by Mr Fritzl. Three of the children lived with their grand parents and went to school but the births of others were never registered. He managed to keep his daughter’s imprisonment from his wife.
Thank God for the letter Elizabeth wrote and left in her daughter’s pocket before she was taken to the hospital no one would have known this evil happened until maybe after Mr Fritzl death.
I personally feel this man needs to die for the horror he leashed on his daughter, he started raping her at age 11yrs then imprisoned her and forced his daughter to have 7kids for him??? Can you imagine that shit?
Now tell me what is he to the kids? A dad? A Granddad? Or EVIL.
Now I understand when Lanre mentioned previously in my blog titled Jungle Justice this man sure deserves to DIE slowly.
Here I reckon jungle justice is the best option for him, Or what do u feel Guys…
For pictures on this horror story, the dungeon a father forced his child to live for 24yrs and where he had sex and raped her countless times thus resulting to her having seven children of INCEST for him visit below link..

Kind Regards
Victoria Temitope Osho

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Witch

Yesterday I talked about jungle justice. I will tell you all a short story about the witch that was stoned to death.
One evening after school (I was in Primary School) I was heading home in the school bus and I happened to be the only one in the school bus with the driver. When all of a sudden they was a huge crowd by the canal very close to my house. The bus driver stopped and asked me to wait in the bus so he could see what was happening.
When he came off the bus, trust me a very young inquisitive girl jumped off the bus too and went to take a look.
They in the canal was a short woman naked from waist down being stoned to death. She was pleading but no one listened as everyone had a stick, stones, and all sort of killer weapons aiming for her. The man next to me took a aim with a big stone and hit her straight in the head and they was a loud pop and blood was flowing all over her face and that was the last I saw before the school bus driver came to drag me back into the bus and dropped me off at home.
I wonder who made the conclusion that she was a witch, who pushed her in the canal, and who heard her confess to being a witch.
Bear in mind, she might have been mentally sick, or forced to say something she was not supposed to say or maybe she had dementia. Who knows???
But people were stupid enough to prosecute her and find her guilty of a crime that might be a myth.
She was declared a witch, prosecuted by the Jungle Justice Jury and sentenced to death by stoning.
I tell you jungle justice sure sucks…..Or What Yah Feel???

Kind Regards
Victoria Temitope Osho

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Jungle Justice

Jungle Justice in my words is justice metted out to an accused without proper court hearings or legal council to represent the accused thus the accused is judged, found guilty and sentenced then and there. lol
In Nigeria we do dish out jungle justice alot and i don't think this is right has it is not in the constituition neither is it supposed to be allowed. But it sure is, even the supposed law enforcement officers still participate in the law of jungle justice.
It is not so shocking again that accused armed roobers caught are shot dead before going to trial.
Once i was a young girl and happened to be in the car with my folks and they was a huge crowd all around a man and infront of us he was beaten blue black and then had a tyre and petrol poured over him and he was burnt alive.
It was such a traumatic experience for me that the picture of this fatal incident still plays in my head and mind, that i could do nothing to prevent his death and no one person could stop or plead against it tells us the kind of sick people we have amongst us.
Mistakes are made, wrong assumptions can be made when jungle justice is metted out. Remember the days of OPC where all you need to do is report someone that he is a thief and the OPC guys come down to kill the person, that was a barbaric way of life and i am happy the group was banned.
Every individual accused of a crime be it a murderer,armed robber, fraudster whatever the crime is, needs to be well represented and tried in a court of Law.
Kind Regards
Victoria Osho

Monday, 21 April 2008


My understanding of evil and the devil as a child was limited only to biblical stories. I so much loved my book of bible stories with the pictures and stories from Genesis to Revelation. But my Book of Bible stories did not prepare me for the horror and evil in men. Evil can be seen and found in men. The devil in the biblical era was casted out by God to some bottomless pit or hell fire. But I tell you today Evil is amongst us and It sure hurts to realise these. For someone to kill another he must be of cause Evil. To inflict pain, sorrow and other Evil things on another human then you must be the devil itself. The face of man is a mask as we do not know what lies beneath it. Is it love, hate, anger, passion? We do not know for all we know is what is in ours. I can’t bear to see people cry and I am too passionate a person to see others hurt. But for those that do evil you shall be repaid back in folds. Let’s take a look around us and we can see and hear of so much evil going on around us, armed robbers killing innocent people, hired assassins snuffing life out of humans,Soldiers killing innocent people, serial killers, murderers, drug barons and many more It's nothing but the Devil itself at work. What I failed to realise as a young girl reading my beautiful yellow covered book of bible stories was that the devil as not been banished yet but rather lives in the heart, souls of humans like me. I used to think he was a monster with wings, horns, ugly face and very scary. Now I know the Devil can be in the form of a father abusing his daughter, a leader killing his people, rapists, murderers, psychopaths amongst others. May the hands of the devil never shake us and may he never pay us all a visit.
Kind Regards
Victoria Osho

Friday, 18 April 2008


I can’t believe in this modern age and time evil is still allowed to take place.
I was in the middle of watching the new Rambo film and I had to stop watching
As my eyes could not believe the horror I saw. Or rather should I say I find it unbelievable that this is real?
I wonder what the American Government is doing about these Hell On Earth. Bush tell me what the heck are you doing? Are you only after Iraq and its Oil? Iran and its Nuclear Weapons? As I can’t see why you have not deployed your soldiers to stop these brutal killing of man, women and kids?
This is so pathetic and my heart weeps for these people who have to watch their lives
taken away from them.
Burma in case you don’t know has the most landmines in the world. Kids are killed, fathers are shot and sons are kidnapped to be made soldiers.
People are killed every second in masses; tongues are cut off from humans and eyes
Are taken out of its sockets? Jeezzz!!!
I wonder when this madness all over the world will stop. I as a person I am sick and tired of the shit going on around the world and I don’t see why nothing absolute nothing is done to curb the military Junta’s madness in Burma.
I thanks God for My own life but I cant help to wonder why these people are left to suffer this amount of pain.
The Burmese Army has burnt an undetermined number of bodies at a crematorium sealed off by armed guards northeast of Rangoon over the past seven days, ensuring that the exact death toll in the recent pro-democracy protests will never be known.
My heart, soul, body and heart bleeds for the people of Burma and I pray the Almighty God In His Infinite Mercies help stop this madness on Burma and all over the world and to make me an instrument of his peace.