Friday, 29 February 2008


Some few years back, a young couple and their 6months old baby returned back from America to live in Nigeria.
The husband was a medical doctor whilst the wife was a trained accountant. They decided to employ a houseboy called Friday.
Friday was given everything he wanted and spoilt silly by the very nice and generous husband and wife.
The Mrs hardly ever left home except when she needs to pop to the shops with the driver to buy some few household items. Friday was always left with the baby
Thus the baby grew to know his face with that of her parents; it got to the stage whereby the baby preferred Friday’s Company to that of her parents.
All these were assumed to be because she was always with Friday most of the time.
One day the baby fell ill and was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with an unknown infection she was 11months old then. So severe was this infection
But she was eventually cured.
One morning the wife needed to pop to the shop, on her way she realised she forgot her purse at home because she was in a hurry to meet her friend in the shopping mall. She decided that rather than driving inside her compound she asked the driver to stop outside while she runs into the house to quickly get her purse. The gateman opened the gate for madam.
She got upstairs took her purse shut the door and was about going downstairs when I guess her motherly instincts told her to stop and look at her child, she almost didn’t because she just did some couple of Minutes before. She looked into her daughter’s room and ALAS!!! She saw the house boy with his back turned against her and her daughter in front of him sucking on his manhood. YUCK!!!!!
Instincts was to rush up and grab her baby off him but she decided to step out of the house, rushed downstairs, got into the car and asked her driver to blast the car horn and drive into the compound.
She walked in got upstairs and the houseboy did open the door for her because he heard the car horn. She rushed to her chid and held her but the baby wanted not her but Friday.
She did not let Friday near her child. She told her husband what happened. Both couple decided Friday was much needed as a help in their house but that the baby should never be left alone with him. The Husband now realised where the baby’s previous infection came from. They both pretended nothing happened and never asked him about the incident or told anyone.
A week later Friday was rushed to the husband’s hospital where he was treated upon but eventually died. He was buried and some few months later the couple decided to move back to America.
Hmmmm!!! Now tell me who killed Friday the houseboy?
(1) Was it the couple?
(2) Were they justified to kill him?
(3) Would you have done the same?

See you guys again on Monday. Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Victoria Osho


greatguy49ae said...

Hmm..tough questions but lets take them one by one?

1. Did the couple kill Friday? There's no evidence to support that.He coulda just been taken ill and died or they could ave poisoned him. I guess we'll never know huh?

2. If they did kill him, were they justified? I dont think so. Even though the guy was a sicko, me thinks they coulda handled it differently. With their wealth and power, we all know that if they wanted that guy to rot in jail, they could just called the local police boss and told him they wanted him in jail for like 30 yrs and the guy go just die for there. Afterall, na Naija we dey talk.

3. Would i have done the same? No. I think there are situations worse than death. Someone does that to my child, believe me he'll spend the rest of his life begging me to kill him.

Anonymous said...

"It is amazing what kind of world we live in"

Anonymous said...

The husband killed Friday. Since the mother did not react immediatly.. She didnt do it.. It is the latter anger from the husband. Who knows, the wife maybe services (wink) by Friday also and his "service" maybe much needed in the house for her to let him go since the husband is too busy with his medical

Were they justified is it is true that they killed him.. No they are not. Killing him will not erase the offense that he had committed.

Would I have done the same? Yes.. I would had beaten the living day lights out of him immediately and burry his body in the backyard. Wakeup every morning an piss on the grave...(am not that wicked)

Nice one Vic.. keep it comming...

Villageheadmaster aka Mr. Xprexxion

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Hmmmm Lanre thank you so much for the comments like you said they is no evidence that the couple killed friday but we all actually know they did.
Like you said they were not justified to have killed him if at all they did but we need to really be in they shoes to know what they might have gone through.
Maybe the wife knew if she shouted she might have been killed thats why she went went out and came back in.
Like you said we all know how Nigeria's Legal system works. But do u know if friday has an uncle or relative too who works as a policeman and will do anything to ensure he does not go to jail as they is no proof?
These are all questions that will be left unanswered and like you said he should have been left to live and beg for

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Toyin i do accept its an amazing world we live in....
meanwhile are you awake? I Know you guys in Maryland/DC are 5 hrs behind Us. Isn't it a little too early to be on the internet?
Hmmmm i guess you are addicted to my blog? lol
Thanks for dropping by

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Mr. Xprexxion, how can you even think she was having an affair with Friday? Lol (that’s a typical Niger man’s thinking)
I am sure the reason she must have kept quite like I told Lanre (greatguy) is the fact that he might run away or even kill her
In the process you know. He was caught doing the unthinkable.
So she and her husband must have jointly killed him. I am only assuming though. And I also agree with you that they were not justified to kill him as the law states that we should not take the laws into our hands.
Burying his body in your backyard reminds me of what Alexander Mahone in prison break (who is haunted by his own demons). He did just that to his best friend and former colleague at work. FBI and CIA will catch you, oh! Sorry na naija now so The Nigerian Police Force will send out our lab technicians, sniffer dogs, forensic officers and fingerprint experts and you shall be caught…… ( Maybe we will have all the listed in Nigeria in the next 50yrs)lol

Anonymous said...

Babatunde Adekoya says

i must confess you are so intelligent and very talented. tope i have known you for over 10yrs now and always known you were gifted. i have read ur entire blogs and i am happy that i have a friend in you.
its been ages though. i heared you were engaged and lost your fiance too. Life goes on. if u are still single please be my wife?

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Tunde, How d heck did u find my blog?lol
i have not seen u in like hmmm!!! God knows how long? lmao...
Thanks but i am not available...hahaha. How is ur mum and dad? luv to all. And No I won't be ur
Jeez!!!!!!!! Call my number i am in the UK. Lets see if u are still half as intelligent as when we were in school.... call me on the below coded numbers...