Friday, 18 April 2008


I can’t believe in this modern age and time evil is still allowed to take place.
I was in the middle of watching the new Rambo film and I had to stop watching
As my eyes could not believe the horror I saw. Or rather should I say I find it unbelievable that this is real?
I wonder what the American Government is doing about these Hell On Earth. Bush tell me what the heck are you doing? Are you only after Iraq and its Oil? Iran and its Nuclear Weapons? As I can’t see why you have not deployed your soldiers to stop these brutal killing of man, women and kids?
This is so pathetic and my heart weeps for these people who have to watch their lives
taken away from them.
Burma in case you don’t know has the most landmines in the world. Kids are killed, fathers are shot and sons are kidnapped to be made soldiers.
People are killed every second in masses; tongues are cut off from humans and eyes
Are taken out of its sockets? Jeezzz!!!
I wonder when this madness all over the world will stop. I as a person I am sick and tired of the shit going on around the world and I don’t see why nothing absolute nothing is done to curb the military Junta’s madness in Burma.
I thanks God for My own life but I cant help to wonder why these people are left to suffer this amount of pain.
The Burmese Army has burnt an undetermined number of bodies at a crematorium sealed off by armed guards northeast of Rangoon over the past seven days, ensuring that the exact death toll in the recent pro-democracy protests will never be known.
My heart, soul, body and heart bleeds for the people of Burma and I pray the Almighty God In His Infinite Mercies help stop this madness on Burma and all over the world and to make me an instrument of his peace.


Anonymous said...

This is cool. I believe the whole world should know about the suffering of the Burmese People. Thanks for this. you are so spot on.

kayode fashola

Anonymous said...

Sweet heart i love ur blog trust me, is there anything u think we can do anything i can do in any small ways? i actually had to shed tears when i saw the soldier shedding is so funny am sure God will give us the youth the strenght to put everything in right order by HIS this keep it up and keep me posted and for Clinton and the rest i realy dont know what to say but i always ask why are they so interested in Iraq....maybe am not getting the right picture or am saying trash? huh? someone tell me some good.....thanx a lot babes ...goodwork keep it up...xx


Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Wwarebi, thanks for the very kind words and encouragement. i do sincerely appreciate it.
its just my little quater where i can talk about things that are of major concern to me and see how i can contribute to make the world a better place. Iraq has so much Oil i guess tjat's one of the reasons they is huge interest there.
And i shall let you know if i need any contribution from you. Who can say No to a Super Model as Georgeous as Warebi Martha. lol
thanks again babes....

greatguy49ae said...

I detest the happenings in Burma. But what's happening there isnt really different from whats happening in Africa. Places like Zimbabwe...Sudan..where the leaders ride rough-shod over the people. Even Nigeria, though ours is not a war per se, but people still keep being marginalised. Like i have always said, places like this need a revolution, something like what the French people did in 1896(?)....
Looking up to America to help is really an illusion. The only thing those idiots care about is what they get to gain from evrything and evryone. America went into Iraq unilaterally, under the guise of "operation Iraqi freedom"..yeah right! Tons of people die everyday in Darfur but no one has seen the Americans there. Why? Iraq has oil and Darfur doesnt. The Americans are greedy, selfish bigots.
I pray the Burmese people rise to fight against the Injustice being meted out to them by their own leaders, we suffer the same fate in Nigeria everyday (in different measures) and we're yet to find a Moses to lead us out of the wilderness.

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Lanre you sure hit the nail in the head. Sudan does not have oil so why bother? I do sincerely agree with you that Bush and his Government stinks and are very greedy selfish bigots.... (lol)
The Burmese people needs international help but how can they get it when China is in support of they leaders?
Its really so pathetic what these people go through.
May the Good Lord send down Moses To lead us all from this wilderness. Amen...
Thanks Bruv