Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Witch

Yesterday I talked about jungle justice. I will tell you all a short story about the witch that was stoned to death.
One evening after school (I was in Primary School) I was heading home in the school bus and I happened to be the only one in the school bus with the driver. When all of a sudden they was a huge crowd by the canal very close to my house. The bus driver stopped and asked me to wait in the bus so he could see what was happening.
When he came off the bus, trust me a very young inquisitive girl jumped off the bus too and went to take a look.
They in the canal was a short woman naked from waist down being stoned to death. She was pleading but no one listened as everyone had a stick, stones, and all sort of killer weapons aiming for her. The man next to me took a aim with a big stone and hit her straight in the head and they was a loud pop and blood was flowing all over her face and that was the last I saw before the school bus driver came to drag me back into the bus and dropped me off at home.
I wonder who made the conclusion that she was a witch, who pushed her in the canal, and who heard her confess to being a witch.
Bear in mind, she might have been mentally sick, or forced to say something she was not supposed to say or maybe she had dementia. Who knows???
But people were stupid enough to prosecute her and find her guilty of a crime that might be a myth.
She was declared a witch, prosecuted by the Jungle Justice Jury and sentenced to death by stoning.
I tell you jungle justice sure sucks…..Or What Yah Feel???

Kind Regards
Victoria Temitope Osho


Anonymous said...

This is a well constructed story which i think undermines the African tradition and the ways the African thinks.Africans have a unique way of deducing their premises and our thinking is always logical.But since the western world always believe that they have a practical ways of thinking and they have all the CSI technology to detect crimes.In Africa for someone to have being identified as a witch series of metaphysical activities would have been going on within that vicinity. A witch in Africa always confesses before been stoned to death. The writer according to her account i believe she's was young and she will not have known why someone should be stoned to death just like that. But now i believe that she would have clearer vision of what happened then.I am sure now that nothing of such happens again..........because then some African countries are ruled by military so instant jungle justices are rampant but now the same African states are under democracy so such callous act can not be performed again.

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Thanks but if i must say despite the fact we got military or democratic Government jungle justice stills exists in third world countries.
I wonder who has the right to convict a witch. Remember we are not in the 16th centuries when witches were burned at a stake and executed we are in the 21st century and this shit still happens.
You sure did make a very good point but we all know jungle justice exists.
Try this go to oshodi market in Lagos Nigeria, steal 5naira from someone if nothing happens then i want to believe jungle justice has ceased to exist but

Clement said...

This is not an 'African' phenomenon it exists in any state where laws are not enforced or justice is a weak apparatus.
The number of stabbings happening on London streets happen because the people doing the killing feel they are immune from the law or it doesn't apply to them, lynching went on in the states during the slave trade and horrible, indescribable things happened to them.
Bosnia, Russia there are many places these things happen. Reason why is like I said no justice system in place that is credible but more importantly, people fear what they do not understand. So if a woman decides to sleep with her legs crossed in the air she must be a witch abi?