Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Life & Death

What is life? Life has got value when you are still alive. Because once you are dead you loose life.I have seen people die in front of me and it amazes me how one minute they are chatting, talking, planningAnd the next minute they are dead.I was in Nigeria recently and on my way out of a Lagos we realised a slow traffic was beginning to build up and when our carGot there
I realised they were 3 to 4 people carrying a dead man who was hit by a car all most immediately.
Probably some few seconds before we got there.His lifeless body was hanging with arms and limps lifeless he was being carried like a slaughtered goat to the other side of theRoad. They was no site of the car that hit him otherwise trust Nigerians they would have made a beehive of both the car and the driver that is if he is not lynched by the crowd.
I looked at his blood stained eyes and realised he is dead yes Very dead. He had no chance of survival and would never return to his family.And I hope he has a form of ID on him otherwise his family might not be notified and might even still keep looking for him.The other instance was my trip before the last to Lagos.
This also occurred on my way from Ibadan this truck with vegetables that must have been 5 mins ahead of us Crashed and all I could hear was a man crying beside a dead man saying Sule, Sule, Sule. Thus making me conclude the dead man’s name was Sule.
As long as I live I will never forget the look of terror in his face, neither will I ever forget the blood stained face of the man who was killed by the hit and run car.And definitely never the name called SuleGod help us. As long as we have life we have hope so let’s be happy and grateful to God.
CheersVictoria Temitope Osho


Anonymous said...

Your blog is cool and this is just saying a pretty face does not need to be dumb. Cause u have both beauty and a brain.
Keep it up.
I realise life is valuable but i watch the young generation ruin there's right in front of our eyes.
Life should be held preciously and every individual needs to be held responsible for the outcome of they lifes.

david said...

When you said the name sule will be imprinted on your memory forever. i know exactly where u are coming from. you need to see pain and aknowledge the fact that life and health is very fital.
keep up the good work victoria

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to search on the web, only your site open up the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Laura