Monday, 21 April 2008


My understanding of evil and the devil as a child was limited only to biblical stories. I so much loved my book of bible stories with the pictures and stories from Genesis to Revelation. But my Book of Bible stories did not prepare me for the horror and evil in men. Evil can be seen and found in men. The devil in the biblical era was casted out by God to some bottomless pit or hell fire. But I tell you today Evil is amongst us and It sure hurts to realise these. For someone to kill another he must be of cause Evil. To inflict pain, sorrow and other Evil things on another human then you must be the devil itself. The face of man is a mask as we do not know what lies beneath it. Is it love, hate, anger, passion? We do not know for all we know is what is in ours. I can’t bear to see people cry and I am too passionate a person to see others hurt. But for those that do evil you shall be repaid back in folds. Let’s take a look around us and we can see and hear of so much evil going on around us, armed robbers killing innocent people, hired assassins snuffing life out of humans,Soldiers killing innocent people, serial killers, murderers, drug barons and many more It's nothing but the Devil itself at work. What I failed to realise as a young girl reading my beautiful yellow covered book of bible stories was that the devil as not been banished yet but rather lives in the heart, souls of humans like me. I used to think he was a monster with wings, horns, ugly face and very scary. Now I know the Devil can be in the form of a father abusing his daughter, a leader killing his people, rapists, murderers, psychopaths amongst others. May the hands of the devil never shake us and may he never pay us all a visit.
Kind Regards
Victoria Osho


octohorse said...

Hello, Victoria. My name is Pam, and I live in the US, in San Francisco.
I am very ill from being tortured for many years as a child, and very political because of that. I am active in a political campaign(not Obama) and I was arrested protesting war and torture several times last year. I cannot currently get arrested because charges will come back, until Jan 09--which puts a serious crimp in my social calendar!!
I am glad you care about others. So do I . I unfortunately feel all the pain again now, though it happened forty years ago. Physically, my body is reliving it. It is terrible. I feel like I am on fire all the time. Six years I have been this way. I am trying to survive it, but I am having a hard day today.The pain is so endless and terrible. This is why I am sensitive to war and other's pain.
I find life evil, often. I have trouble remembering why I endure.
I was desperately looking for reasons when I encountered your site. After I write this I will seek to distract myself with anything to try to get through another terrible day. Pam

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Hi Pam, it sure saddens my heart to see that you are suffering from past evil done to you. I have read your mail with tears in my eyes and can’t help but pray to God to help you pass over this trauma you are going through. I am not to sure of what kind of pain you are experiencing but I sure can only try to comprehend your pain as I cannot see it myself.

I will advise you to please stay away from being arrested as you know once you are on probation if you are arrested again it will only get worse. I read your article words from an evolving woman and can’t help but cry deep in my soul.

I write about the reality of life because I believe life is not all about the sweet things of life, designer outfits, expensive holidays, 1st class traveling amongst other material expenses. I am a realist and cry at every pain I see in a human, be it a movie, story or reality, life is much more complicated.

My level of endurance to pain is 0.0%. I can’t even take a shot of injection as I fear the sharp but fast pain of the needle; I then can’t imagine your pain that you have been living in for years. More so, I want to believe that the kind of pain you suffer which is PTSD (Dissociative Identity Disorder) And
DID (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is one of the most extreme kind of pain anyone can ever go through.

To be in pain for 1minute is killing but for six years it sure must be death. But look at you? You are stronger and will be healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I am a friend and I believe the Lord directed you here to my site to read more about the reality of life, like you say carrying a $5,000 dollar bag is insane when they are lots of people suffering all over the world.
I tell you Pam, I like the good things of life on a minimal, each morning when I wake up I pray to God to please make me an ”INSTRUMENT OF HIS PIECE”
Because as an instrument of his piece I can touch lives and help others live.
I know the Lord will bless me to be able to achieve these Goals I want to as it is very important we have people who are RICHLY BLESSED BY GOD. Who will serve humanity.

I love you Pam but Jesus loves you more…