Wednesday, 5 December 2012

26th of February I wrote a piece titled THE WOMAN AND HER BABY. On my way from work this evening, as I was descending the VI/Falomo bridge, in the city of Lagos. I saw a badly burnt boy and his mother on the bridge. I stopped and asked her what was the nature of his wounds and she told me he got burnt in a fire. I asked her why she didn't take him to the hospital, and she said she did but couldn't afford the hospital bills,  and therefore brought him to the roadside to beg for alms. I then gave her a token and promised to come see her tomorrow and help take him to the hospital. I gave my word and I Intend to follow through. So I call on you my dear friends & family, wellwishers to help and assist
to pay Kingsley's hospital bills or if you know a good doctor or inexpensive hospital where he can be treated that would be a plus. Years ago I walked away from a sight that's hunted me for years. Today I have decided to follow and pursue my dreams of taking the sick of the road. Its weird that in our society with all the billions being stolen here and there, most Nigerians still live in poverty. To contribute towards Kingsley's hospital bills, please kindly contact, You will get a detailed report of Kingsley's progress.