Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Jungle Justice

Jungle Justice in my words is justice metted out to an accused without proper court hearings or legal council to represent the accused thus the accused is judged, found guilty and sentenced then and there. lol
In Nigeria we do dish out jungle justice alot and i don't think this is right has it is not in the constituition neither is it supposed to be allowed. But it sure is, even the supposed law enforcement officers still participate in the law of jungle justice.
It is not so shocking again that accused armed roobers caught are shot dead before going to trial.
Once i was a young girl and happened to be in the car with my folks and they was a huge crowd all around a man and infront of us he was beaten blue black and then had a tyre and petrol poured over him and he was burnt alive.
It was such a traumatic experience for me that the picture of this fatal incident still plays in my head and mind, that i could do nothing to prevent his death and no one person could stop or plead against it tells us the kind of sick people we have amongst us.
Mistakes are made, wrong assumptions can be made when jungle justice is metted out. Remember the days of OPC where all you need to do is report someone that he is a thief and the OPC guys come down to kill the person, that was a barbaric way of life and i am happy the group was banned.
Every individual accused of a crime be it a murderer,armed robber, fraudster whatever the crime is, needs to be well represented and tried in a court of Law.
Kind Regards
Victoria Osho


greatguy49ae said...

Hey Vick, am gonna shock you by my opinion..a lot of other people won't share my views in this 21st century but believe me..i believe in jungle justice...sometimes.

You talk about everyone having a right in court but i have seen and read countless cases where criminals commit crimes and are not remorseful..they actually brag about their deeds.
We all want to act civilised and prim and proper but we all have beasts that dwell in us and sometimes, really horrible things could unleash the demon in people.
How do you think a father would feel if his little girl gets raped by a bunch of loonies and they get charged to court and probably get 10 years...and are eligible for parole in 5 years? Have you read John Grisham's "A time to kill?" or seen the movie adaptation?....The lead xter killed some idiots cos they raped his daughter. Believe me, if i were in his shoes..I'd kill...and kill...and kill.

I recently read about 3 NYPD cops who killed a groom on his wedding day..he was with friends and the cops thought he had a gun. They shot him 50 times..and guess what? They just got aquitted of all charges. Now tell me..if you were the brother of that guy or his sister..or even his bride, you lay ur hands on a gun and you see those cops having coffee and laughing...You look at them having a good time.. meanwhile they killed your brother..your son...your groom and put ur world in darkness...tell me honestly that you wouldnt pull the trigger and blast them to kingdom come. I know i would.

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Lanre in the above cases you mentioned i sure will kill someone. my child, man, brothers, family??? Sure No Way will i wait for the courts to make judgement i shall be the judge and the jury.
But dont forget that is not jungle justice that is revenge.....
My Own idea or opinion of jungle justice when i wrote this blog is for those that are killed without due trial. Like petty thiefs, or u know maybe people that are at the wrong place at the wrong time and just happened to be caught up in the world of overzealous policemen, individual or group eg. OPC, BAKASSI BOYS, Nigerian Police amongst others..
I still believe every individual has a chance to go to trial whether he is guilty as charged or not...
thanks lanre your comments are very well appreciated....