Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I woke up today to the news that Hilary Clinton won three major states.
I am so impressed a woman can be so strong willed and very determined.
As for me I will like her to be the party’s presidential candidate rather than Obama.
Hilary is a strong willed and ambitious woman. She was there with her husband when he was president for 8yrs. In a way it will be Bill Clinton ruling.
Almost everyone I know accepts the fact that Bill was a much better president than Bush. In Bill’s time they was no war, no major terrorist attack .
I for one support Hillary all the way and will be very much pleased is she makes it.
She will be the 1st American female president.
America in my own point of view is not ready for a black president. I mean I have nothing against Obama, he is black and I am black too, but the fact remains if he is the
Party’s presidential candidate they will loose to John McCain and of cause he will take over from where Bush stopped and send more men to war.
It’s only an assumption of mine I just feel Hilary deserves to be in the white house more than any other candidate

Victoria Osho


Bladerunna said...

I have to disagree with you on this point.
I believe that the US is ready for a black president.
Socio-political barriers are becoming very fluid.
Not so long ago the US was not ready for a Colin Powell, but they got one.
The US were not ready for a Condalezza Rice, but they got one.

Infact throughout American history the best leaders came about when Americans themselves least expected it in the most unlikely guises.
The paradox about all this is, is that the rise in the status of Afro-American politics has been championed by the Republican's on the right. The Democrats supposedly champion's of ethnic minorities seems to be having a crisis of confidence.
For far too long the Democrat's policy to ethnic minorities has been 'we'll keep handing out the welfare parcels and you be content with your lot in the projects.'
Democrats are being left behind and this is an oppportunity to catch up.
Let's leave the 'Mr & Mrs Smith' partnership out of it. The Clinton's have had their day.
The US were not ready for a young jocular president firing from the hip but they got one his name...JF Kennedy.
So I say this :- Run like hell, Obama, run.


greatguy49ae said...

I strongly disagree with you. Obama would be a better candidate against John McCain than Clinton could be. Obama has young people waking up to the politics around them, the issues that affect them..and to the reality that they can contribute in changing their country forever. You think America is not ready for a black President? I dont concur. Look at the people Obama has behind him, its not just black people, its Whites, Blacks, and other minorities. There's no better time than now.

Clinton purports that she has experience...i really dont understand what experience she's talking about? Being 1st lady? Organising Beijing conference? Please gimme a break. We all know that if she wins..Bill will be the de-facto commader-in-chief and dont get me wrong, i loved Bill Clinton and i still do..but i think it's time to stop all these people who think their names should be synonymous with the white house..we've had enough of the Clintons and Bushes, Please.

Like i said, Obama would trounce McCain. i think people are tired of these old fuddy duddies in the corridors of power..its a time for change. Young America is waking up and that's what we should do in Nigeria as well...get rid of these old horses..they really are lame and cant even carry their own weight.

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Bladerunna- I do understand your point in regards to Powel and Rice. But its my own personal opinion that they are not yet ready but you sure made a very good and vital point. Let wait and see what the outcome will
meanwhile thank you so much for stoppig over and leaving a comment here i do sincerely appreciate...

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Greatguy49ae- Well you sure spot on but like i told blade runner lets all be patient for the results and see who wins...
America in my own opinion is stil not ready but you sure very intelligent and i know u are aways right but lets wait and see.
thanks brov.....

Taiwo said...

I can understand why Victoria wants a female president, she is a female herself and females stick together. I dont agree with the idea of a female white president because we think the Americans might not somehow be ready for a black man in a white house. i think this is absolutely not correct, i can see the wind of change blowing all across America and the people are hungry for a change. There has been no one like that in America since Dr King but the different is... where Dr King left off Obama has picked it up. He appeals across the board,black,white,old latinos i mean everyone... So i say to Vic it is Obama all the way..

Many thanx

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

What can i say Taiwo, from your comments it is very obvious you are a
the fact i want hillary to win has got nothing to do with the fact she is a woman. if it was another white man competing with Obama i would still want him to win. Because i believe inside me that despite the Obama winnings and high profile acceptance he might not win the race and therefore we are back to square one again.
Bush's policy will be passed down. Honestly to be really sincere i dont care who wins i just want the war to stop....

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