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Paedophilia is a paraphilia that involves an abnormal interest in children. It is said that Paedophilia is caused by paraphilia which is a disorder that is characterized by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies generally involving: nonhuman objects; animals, or children, or other nonconsenting persons; the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner
I must say paedophiles are one of the sickest group of people in the world. They look at kids and they passion and desire to have sexual intercourse with them is so high they will go any length to be with kids.
A recent case was about a nanny who had a little baby sexually abused by her boyfriend and she recorded it on her phone. They were both jailed but unbelievable the jail term was less than 10yrs for both of them. This happened in the United Kingdom, however in America paedophiles are given a longer jail term because of the stricter rule of law.
In my own court they all deserve to die and not rot in jail. The abused kids are messed up, some of them die, some of them are never the same again. A young boy of 4yrs was sodomized by a man of 45yrs. (Sodomy is when penetration take place anally. Just like gays have sex)
Can you imagine such a man needs to be dead, not just jailed and fed with the tax payers money whilst in prison. Imagine an adult man sexually abusing a 6month old girl what does he deserve but ROT IN HELL.
I hate paedophiles and what they stand for, the pain they cause families and individuals and how innocent people's lives are destroyed by this sick set of Bastards. A friend once said if his child is ever abused he will kill the paedophile and then face the hang man’s noose, rather than live life with the fact that his child has been defiled by a bloody fucked up lunatic.
Also some of this sick fools peddle child pornography on the internet where kids as young as 4months old are sexually abused by their sicko parents, relatives, friends of family etc. Some of these kids are sold into child slavery for sex reasons; some are kidnapped from their families. These sickos go all the way to satisfy they sick urge to see videos, pictures and actually participate in these shit on the internet.
Below are some links on some very disturbing paedophile stories. You need to read and have a mental image or idea of what the victim’s and their families go through. And most of these men/ women (peadohiles) are amazingly parents, government workers, teachers, policemen and everyday people we think live a normal life but in reality live a perverted life.
I will not be glamorising my blog with pictures of them Bastards but u can see them on the below links. Read the links below to see how Megan Kanka became Megan’s Law in the US and how Sarah Payne became Sarah's Law in the UK.

Victoria T. Osho


Anonymous said...

Anyone that decides or crave to have indescent relationship with a child is an animal and i support you needs to be killed....

Anonymous said...

jungle justice to those who ever decide to act in such a way.
when i say jungle justice i mean the same type that is dished out on the street of nigeria when a thief is caught stealing in the market.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....The condition of these folks, ('paraphilia' so called) is beyond mental or psychological- it is spiritual.

Put in plain terms, these twisted individuals are in 'demonic bondage' and they need help!

I don't mean rehab- but deliverence from demonic bondage altogether!

It's gross hearing on the news how innocent kids are defiled by some sick perverts. Some of these 'demon-posseseed' folks even kill their victims, and have sex with the corpse. Other obsessive sexual acts are performed on animals, or objects. Howbeit, derive pleasure from watching such sick folks on the net!

Sure thing is that these perverts are dangerous beings and shouldn't be allowed to live with normal beings.
The grief that the victims oof their perversion suffer cannot be explained, and it takes only God to absolve the families and loved ones from the agony.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Dubre:


Victoria Temitope Osho said...

I am happy everyone understands that this things called peadophiles are mentally deranged and need spiritual help too.
As one above comment said we even have people who kill and have sex with the corpse or go searching for dead corpse in other to have sex with them. such people are called NECROPHILES.
NECROPHILES are people who gets aroused by having sexual contact with the dead (corpse)
Sick Bastards isn't?
They is a lot of shit happening and i pray we, family, friends or anyone never have to experience this kind of SHIT.....

Thanks Guys for the Comments

greatguy49ae said...

Paedophilia i used to think was an "Oyinbo" illness. I mean like, its only white people that tend to have clinical depression, schizophrenia, Obsessive compulsive disorders etc..i still think they have all those crazy stuff still more than you could ever find in Africa. Recently though, i have heard cases of Paedophilia in my beloved Country, Nigeria. I agree totally with you that any one convicted of this crime should be killed. They do not deserve to live in this already sick world. We dont need to make the world more depraved than it already is.

Victoria Temitope Osho said...

Lanre thanks for the comments, amazingly I used to think so too until I heard the story of the Nigerian woman who killed her houseboy. (Read the Story in my next blog)
Honestly I am so paranoid that I know for sure my kids will live in Nigeria as I can’t continue to look over my shoulder every time I am out with the kids because
I am scared on sick lunatic might take them or climb through my window and take the kids like (Madeline McCann) whose poor parents are still in sadness over her disappearance into thin air.
May God help us all.

Bladerunna said...

Let us be very clear about this. For those of you from Nigeria or other parts of Africa this scourge is alive and flourishing. In Europe and the States paedophiles are caught and punished. In Africa who does a victim, a child report to? Who would listen. I am saddened and sickened by the attitude of our 'living born again' churches who are too busy making their congregation rich, building universities and hobnobbing with the good and the mighty, to bother to see what is happening under their very noses.
The protection of children in this country did not start from government policy in the UK. It started from the church over two hundred years ago. Their legacy is The Children's Society, the NSPCC, The Family Welfare Association and a host of other charities that give children a voice and influence government policy.
Suffice to say they have not invented the punishment good enought to be meted out to these scum.
Death is too easy, believe me.

Anonymous said...

You don't know very much about paedophilia, dont you?
For your information, the only thing that differs a paedophile from anyone else is the fact that they are attracted to children. Other then that, they have exactly the same moral and ethic values as normal people. They still think it's wrong to hurt people, including children. They will not, I repeat, NOT go any length to be with kids. Would you go to any length to be with a sexy man/woman?
A paedophile is not a sadistic psychopath, he's just a normal guy (or even girl, woa!) that agaisnt his will finds himself attracted to children.
DID YOU KNOW that most of the child rapists in the world are actually the victim's fathers, who as a matter of fact do not find themselves attracted to kids at all?
Fact is that a pedophile and a child rapist is not the same thing at all. Statistically, fathers are more likely to rape their kids then pedos are likely to rape other's kids. How about that?
And for the record, pedophiles don't rape babies and 2year-olds. Pedophiles aren't even attracted to babies because that's ANOTHER PARAPHILIA.
What's wrong with you people?

Anonymous said...

Admiration is a very shortlived passion, that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object.

Anonymous said...

I also beleive that any peadophiles should be killed. They do not deserve any spiritual help at all. Especially when some of the people doing it are priests and extremely religious people. I wish that the Australian law system was a whole lot stricter. A man was convicted of one account of rape and 1 account of molestation/idecent acts with a child. And was only sentenced to one year. And the fuck head isn't even with the other members of the he wont be able to experience what the damage he caused to his 8 year old daughter was like. Or killed.. BTW the maximum sentence was 4 can someone as cruel and FUCKEDUP could get off with such an easy punishment. 2 weeks after he was convicted somone who had repeatedly robbed a store around 4 times..was sentenced to 20 years jail. I beleive that with this example it can be proven that the Australian government and law system is extremely soft..and seems to give larger punishments to those who rob items...but not to those who rob innocence, well being, normality and childhoods. ROT IN HELL R.A.W.