Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I woke up today to the news that Hilary Clinton won three major states.
I am so impressed a woman can be so strong willed and very determined.
As for me I will like her to be the party’s presidential candidate rather than Obama.
Hilary is a strong willed and ambitious woman. She was there with her husband when he was president for 8yrs. In a way it will be Bill Clinton ruling.
Almost everyone I know accepts the fact that Bill was a much better president than Bush. In Bill’s time they was no war, no major terrorist attack .
I for one support Hillary all the way and will be very much pleased is she makes it.
She will be the 1st American female president.
America in my own point of view is not ready for a black president. I mean I have nothing against Obama, he is black and I am black too, but the fact remains if he is the
Party’s presidential candidate they will loose to John McCain and of cause he will take over from where Bush stopped and send more men to war.
It’s only an assumption of mine I just feel Hilary deserves to be in the white house more than any other candidate

Victoria Osho

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


The Man of God went had a huge thanksgiving in church. He was there with his wife and 4 grown up kids.
The reason for the thanksgiving is to thank God for all he has done in his life and that of his family. They were so
Many testimonies from people and the whole church of God was filled with the Holy Spirit.
You could feel the touch of God in the congregation. God said Amen to all the prayers and everyone went home happy and fulfilled.
The next day a Monday the Man of God's 1st son had a car accident and fortunately did not die, however he broke is spinal Cord and can't walk again for the rest of his life.
Everyone was shocked, prayed, fasted, cried, screamed and begged God to heal him, but it seems God was not listening. Even his presence that was felt the previous Sunday seemed to be a figment of imagination.
In Church during a prayer session a pastor stood up and shouted to the heavens ‘WHY God?
The man of God looked up from his prayer position, stood up and walked to the pulpit and said to the whole congregation ‘No one, not even me can question God. No one not even me
Should ask God WHY. Because God himself his WHY and he chooses to do things his own way and WHY can’t be asked WHY.
It is amazing what men with faith do in times of hardship and sorrow. They must still remain calm and accept the responsibility bestowed on them by God. So henceforth in any difficult
Situation we find ourselves be it death, grief, unhappiness and pain we need not ask WHY because God himself his WHY

Victoria Osho

Monday, 3 March 2008


It never seizes to amaze me how evil people can be. Evil can’t be graded, they is no small evil or big evil. Evil is Evil.
I have been watching the news closely and following the Jersey school Horror where a child’s skull was found.
One of UK’s most read papers THE SUN has called it HELL BELOW THE FLOORBOARDS.
For those of you who have no idea of what I am talking about it’s about a care home for children in Jersey. Jersey as I am
Aware is in the channel Island and is under the British territory.
Children were raped, tortured, imprisoned, abused and killed. How can people that are employed to look after kids have so much
Evil in them to hurt kids in they care?
Children are God’s Gift to us and we must treat them well. It is unbelievable the amount of Evil some people have in them. A secret sex torture
Chamber dominated by huge stone walls have been found, A pair of Iron shackles were also found,
A chilling childlike scrawl on a wooden support wall with words like ‘’Iv been bad 4 years and years’’ is so unbelievable and I want to wake up and
Say oh it’s a very bad dream, but I can’t as the horror is real and some of the kids that survived it are still living and willing to give testimonies.
Oh my heart bleeds for them, my soul weeps with them and my sympathy to those little children that died there. This is EVIL BEYOND PARDON. And all those responsible must be brought to book and punished accordingly. :(
Below is a link where u can read the stories and see some couple of pictures.

Kind Regards
Victoria Osho