Thursday, 12 January 2012

Get Up Stand Up! Stand Up For Your Right. Don't Give Up The Fight

In Nigeria, We don't have Electricity, water, food education, good roads, healthcare system. The list as we all know is endless. We have suffered long enough in silence and thus we are tired and fed up. Enough is enough.
Those we call our leaders have robbed us of our birthright, inheritance and our children's future. We are not fighting for because the fuel subsidy has been removed, we fight for our right and future. Our rulers are rogues under the umbrella of leaders. It happened in Egypt, Libya and now its happening in Nigeria. This is revolution and we must continue to fight ..........

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Crowd Gets Bigger #Occupy Nigeria#

The Crowd is getting bigger and better. I am impressed my family, friends and even Celebrities stepped out to Occupy the Streets of Nigeria
Ethnic and religious violence in Nigeria claimed 16 more victims, with gunmen killing eight in the north and a mob torching an Islamic school in the south, as a fuel strike added to the deadly tension.
Amid the sectarian and social turmoil, Nobel literature prize laureate Wole Soyinka, one of the country’s most respected voices, warned that the continent’s most populous nation was heading toward civil war.

A two-day old general strike has paralyzed the country and sent President Goodluck Jonathan’s government — already battling a spate of bloody attacks by the Islamist sect Boko Haram — into crisis mode.

In a statement late Tuesday the government ordered all striking workers back to work, warning their employers would enforce a “no work, no pay policy.”

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lenny Love, 29, from Silverton, Ohio has admitted to police that he raped his 6-month-old son and infected him with the H.I.V. virus.

I have no love for sick people who are supposed to be locked up forever. How can you do this to a child? Let alone your own blood??? Some questions we never find answers to. I still maintain that pedophiles deserve to be locked up in an institution, or locked away for life in jails with keys thrown into the deep blue sea. And to the Anonymous person who commented earlier on my blog Pedophiles, who said that pedophiles don't rape babies. This one is for you. Please do your research well before commenting. Pedophiles are sick people who need to be put away from the society.

As Reported By Fox 19:

A father has been arrested for raping his six-month-old son and infecting him with HIV.

Police say that Lenny Love, 29, from Silverton, Ohio, knew he had the virus when he raped his son in March.

He was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of rape, one count of felonious assault and one count of possession of marijuana.

Police say he admitted the assault to them.

He is being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center while he awaits trial.

#OccupyNigeria# Protests Continues

It's the 2nd Day of riots in Nigeria, Occupy Nigeria continues. We will not relent our leaders are rogues and greedy psychopaths and we the masses are tired of the shenanigan activities of those we call our leaders, Enough is Enough.

Since Govt think they can RULE rather than LEAD Nigerians. We Refuse to be RULED. You either LEARN to LEAD or you LEAVE! #OCCUPYNIGERIA.... K.Ogundamisi

Monday, 9 January 2012

#OccupyNigeria# Protesters Killed & Wounded By Nigerian Police

Three Years is a long time to be away from writing. But it’s been a very busy 3yrs.

I got married, got knocked up and now have two babies to show for it. I am grateful for this phase of my life because I have time to be more thankful for the beautiful lives given to me. Good to be back. A lot has happened in my time away. My last post was about Obama and now it’s almost time for another presidential election in the States again.

Several were shot at by the men of the Nigerian Police force across the country today. The Nigerian Police force is one of the most incompetent, rude, greedy and most corrupt force in the world. They are trained to be rogues and serial killers, because only a murderer will be so happy to kill innocent, harmless individuals.

They are power hungry egoistic men in black. The Pictures show them dragging a man on the floor stripped naked and then shot him in the groin to die. He was someone who came out because he wanted the best for us all.

Our Police men don’t seem to understand what is called a peaceful protest, most of them don’t know what a rubber bullet is, let alone seen one, Thus it’s not being used. We Nigerians are not only out fighting for the removal of the fuel subsidy, we are out because we are hungry, we are underpaid, we are jobless, we are killed and attacked by robbers amongst others.

The Minimum wage in Nigeria is about $110 a month which with the fuel subsidy removal won’t even be enough for transportation, let alone feed on. Our graduates are forced to live from hand to mouth and some engage in stealing to survive. It’s been said that 85% of most robberies in Nigeria now are committed by graduates and undergraduates without jobs or any source of living.

Join us as we fight the stoppage of removal of oil subsidy for a better Nigeria.