Friday, 2 March 2012

Strangers In Your Homes

Beware of those you call friends and relatives that you invite into your homes. Rapist, serial killers, peadophiles etc don't have it inscribed on their foreheads. Especially when you have children, you need to be super alert and watch out for little changes in your kids.

Alot of Peadophiles are your best friends, relatives, inlaws, close friends and in a lot of cases, the PARENT and even the most trusted persons called the men of God eg pastors and clerics.

How a parent chooses to abuse their child is still shocking and unbelievably strange. Recently in Belize When a sodomized 14-year-old youth could no longer bear the mental anguish and physical pain caused by his abuser, an American national, he burst into tears and confessed to a close family friend what he had endured behind closed doors.
The peace and quiet that is felt in the village of Sarteneja - a relatively small community situated in the Corozal District and about 40 miles from Orange Walk Town - was shattered on Saturday, October 8, when the allegation surfaced that the American man, Bryan Sears, 35, had sodomized three teenaged brothers, one of whom was allegedly under his care.
Sears, a missionary from Somerset, Kentucky, has since appeared in the Corozal Magistrate’s court, where he was read charges of three counts of unnatural crime for allegedly having forcible sex with all three teens, ages 13, 14 and 16. Bail was not offered and Sears was remanded to prison.
On Saturday, at around 3:40 p.m., the three boys, accompanied by their mother, a Guatemalan fruit vendor, filed the report, which subsequently lead to Sears’ arrest. A medical examination ruled that all three minors had been sodomized.
There was a feeling of anger and betrayal when we arrived in Sarteneja Village. According to the three brothers, they had been sodomized on different occasions by a man who had made the village his home for several years now.
Sears had a reputable role in the community. Reportedly, in the fall of 2008, he came to Sarteneja, where he volunteered and served as counselor up until the summer of 2011. He also doubled as a Bible teacher and youth pastor of the Christian High School. Sears was additionally a pastor within one of the denominations in Sarteneja.
When we sat down with the mother of the boys, she told us how she had met Sears, and later, the pain of finding out that he had sodomized all three of her sons.
About a year ago, the mother had met Sears through her church. She said Sears appeared generous and said he could financially assist her with school expenses for one of the boys. He even provided his home computer if they needed to do homework.

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t3quila said...

This post is spot on and addresses one of the reasons:
1. I have felt a deep anger for a while now.
2. Why as a woman, I refuse to bring children into this wicked world.

Particularly regarding your comment about "most trusted people".

So I have barely survived adolescence, now into early years of adulthood. Although, thankfully, I have never been a victim of sex abuse. This isn't saying there hasn't been any attempts (uncountable if you ask me), but I guess I've been lucky and always one step ahead, thanks to my fast thinking skills.

However, the sexual (verbal) harassments are just as bad. And it angers me, especially when it comes from people in so-called trusted positions.

I recently got propositioned by the minister of my church, considering the reason I went to him in the first place is to arrange my wedding. This man has attempted to convince me, that is not a good decision but of course he and I should consider meeting in a hotel. Did I mention he's got a wife and 4 kids, one of them same age as I am. And that he's not the first man of God to have done this.

And lets not forget uncles, family friends, cousins etc. So who can we really trust?

Needless to say, I have not attended any form of Christian worship since this occurence a month ago.

It's really shameful, and my heart cries for those poor victims. I have a young and very beautiful sister, a lot of times, I wonder what she really is going through, I wonder if she has similar experiences as me and I worry for her, hoping and praying, just like me, she does not become a victim.

Based on my life experiences, I therefore conclude I will not be having any children. It's just has bad having male or female children. Apart from sexual exploitation, the male (or even female) child could get caught-up in a gang culture (as seen in England where I live). It is very easy to say, that would not happen to me, but I am unwilling to take that chance 'cause it would break my heart to watch my blood suffer.....

Sorry for the essay :-p.